9 de ago de 2013

I'm still alive

And in search of inspiration for a new baby quilt. I had in mind presenting one of my best and oldest friends with a quilt for her baby, but then her pregnancy took a turn and all plans had to be put on hold. Now the baby (born very prematurely) is finally at home, I have the fabrics - my friend asked for yellow, i know her favourite colour is purple, then i pink-fied it a little bit, so now that's the range I'm working with. Just need to choose a block and... find the time... (it's getting harder everyday and the lack of sewing, quilting and blogging can speak for myself).
It's safe to say I'm addicted to squares, but my last quilt (a picnic quilt for my daughter's kindergarden teacher as a tolken of this first amazing year) was a disappearing 9 block, so maybe no squares for now.
Any suggestions? I plan to take pictures of the fabrics and post them. But it's a plan, not a promise (stopped making those a long time ago...)
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