Finished quilts


"Saca-pés" aka "SIL project"
(there really is no translation for "saca-pés" because it's a word I invented to combine 3 others)
December 2009
Not exactly a quilt, it was more of a sleeping bag, or half of it actually, meant to keep my sister-in-law warm while sitting at the computer.
It measures 240 cm x 80 cm, with wool batting and flannel on the inside.

"Summer turtles quilt"
March 2010
A disappearing nine-patch crib quilt for my friend's son to celebrate his 1st birthday and baptism. It measures 140 cm x 90 cm. It was machine quilted with handsewn biding.

"Bubblegum quilt"
June 2010
A brick quilt crib quilt with pieced back for my husband's godchild.
It measures 92 cm x 68 cm. It was machine quilted with handsewn biding.

"Good news quilt"
August 2010
A simple square baby stroller quilt (300 squares of 5cm each) with flannel back for our first child.
It measures 60 cm x 75 cm. It was machine quilted with handsewn binding.

"My Precious Butterfly Quilt"

September 2010 - November 2011
A crib quilt for my baby girl, my little butterfly, whose design I don't know the name of or by whom it was inspired.
It measures 110 x 170 cm, has bamboo batting and is my first adventure into machine-sewn binding.

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