Next projects

Baby's nursery:
Crib sheets - DONE
Crib quilt - DONE
Crib duvet cover - DONE
Curtains - DONE
Crib bumper - ALMOST DONE (ahahahah)
Crib's side pannel - CANCELED
Bookcover/documents for H. - ALMOST DONE (ahahaha)
Bookcover/documents for V. - DONE

Kindergarten projects:
Spare clothes bag
Shoes bag

Knitting projects:
Sleeveless white, aqua and fucsia toddler's jacket - WORK IN PROGRESS
Sleeveless blues newborn jacket for V.
Matching newborn knitted boots for V.

1 Green Bag Lady bag

Lap quilt (for me) - ON HOLD

Picnic quilt (for us) - WORK IN PROGRESS

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