31 de out de 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival

It's that time of year again! Our dear Amy from Amy's Creative Side is hosting the Blogger's Quilt Festival. Whether you came here just to see my entry or you are one of my usal readers, welcome! Leave a comment, come back again, you know the drill!!!

This is the second baby quilt I made. Like the first one, it was meant as a gift to my friend's baby (who then became my husband's godchild incidentally) and it was used on the day she came home from the hospital.

I was inexperienced and felt more comfortable with a simple design, so I chose a brick pattern. Also, the father of the baby is a civil engineer (hence the bricks) and the mother is a lawyer, so the idea of books also crossed my mind.

I took pictures of every step of the way, because when doing my first baby quilt I didn't take a single picture and I learned my lesson!

It's called the "Bubblegum quilt! because of the shades of pink. This quilt was very special to me for one simple reason: I had been trying to conceive a child since before knowing my friend was pregnant and time was passing by and still no baby. I was by my friend's side every step of the way through her pregnancy and by the time her baby was born I still hadn't gotten pregnant. While making this quilt I cried at times, not out of envy or anything like that, but because I loved her unborn child that in some ways replaced the one I wished to have. I made sure that every stitch was full of love and in the end it was almost like therapy. I must confess that I saved a piece of my favourite fabric (the one with birds and flowers by Robert Kaufman) hoping to use it one day in a baby quilt of my own... and guess what? Now I'm expecting a baby girl!

28 de out de 2010

The daydreaming continues...

(photo @ Vertbaudet)
Besides the crib quilt, which is yet to have a design, I'm planing on making the curtains, inspired by the photo above (I can't tell anymore if I had the idea and then saw this photo or if I saw this photo and decided to make something similar), using some of the quilt's fabrics for the pockets and making different shapes of pockets, not just square ones.

(photo @ IKEA)
Also, I want to make the crib bumper (I think that's the name in english), but I'll probably make it in a solid colour so that it matches all the sheets and different quilts I may make after this first one. The crib is 70x140 cm, which is bigger than usual, because it will turn into a toddler's bed, that's why all the sheets and quilts will have to be customed made... by me eheeheh
And then I thought I will also need those pannels to hang in the crib's side to put stuff in them, and while you're at it, why not matching it with everything else, right? So.. I'm thinking I need a lot of fabric. And you know what else I need? I need to get out of this bed!!!! I'm seriously going mental here... last day of freedom was September 13th (Bella Swan's "birthday" funny enough).

26 de out de 2010

Change of heart

Well... thanks to all your wonderful suggestions I went in pursuit of the best price to buy as much Dream dot as I oculd find... but then I came across Erin McMorris' Flower Shower in gold at the amazing price of 3.99 (it's a sale on Above All Fabric, go check it out). ialready had 3 fatquarters of the Wildwood collection - this exact one, the popsicle trees (unfortunately not the green version) and another one - and was planning on using them in my princess' baby quilt. These fabrics are actually the reason why I got so into the pink-green-yellow colourway in the first place. So it's only fair that I choose it for the backing. And with the money I saved, I can buy some Dream dot for the quilt top (and some other fabrics too, one can never have enough).

I'm happy happy happy about my very smart purchase. Now I just need to get better and leave this damn bed so I can start sewing. I'm 18 weeks pregnant and had my first contractions some days ago, the doctor said if I has any I had to stay in bed so that's not very good news for me and my sewing machine. But, as I said, I'm happy happy happy and I can be in denial until my next doctor's appointment :)

23 de out de 2010

Nicey Jane

I'm still not able to sit down and sew, but that doesn't mean my mind can't wonder around. I'm planning a crib quilt for my princess so I'm gathering all my pink-green-yellow stash. I have come across a problem though: the fabric I want to use in the back is Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane Dream Dot, either in clementine or celery. I thought I had more than I do... and ayway I reallyy need a lot. The piece I had I'm almost sure I ordered from Sew Mama Sew around my birthday, but now I can't seem to find it, Fabritopia doesn't have it, I've never tried to order from other stores and I don't know if Heather Bailey's shop ships internationally, so I'm running out of ideas. Can anyone help me?

9 de out de 2010


I had to wait 6 months, but Ii finally have photos of my first baby quilt. This should teach me never to give away a quilt before taking a picture...

8 de out de 2010

De cama até Novembro / Bedrest until November

Aparentemente, o pior já passou e este mês que passei de repouso ajudou a ultrapassar os problemas que tive. No entanto, para jogar pelo seguro e uma vez que continuo com muitas dores de barriga a ponto de me impossibilitarem de levar uma vida normal, o médico quer que continue de cama até Novembro, pelo menos. Sim, ele acrescentou essa cláusula...
om a bebé - sim, em princípio é uma menina!!! - está tudo bem, a nível de desenvolvimento, de tamanho, etc. Ufff, pelo menos isso.
O Outono já se instalou definitivamente e tem-me dado vontade de voltar a pegar nas agulhas de tricot. Isso é algo que posso fazer na cama, ao contrário dos projectos de costura que tinha em mente para o enxoval, e acho que é um bom sinal sentir vontade de produzir algo. De resto, tenho lido, comecei ontem o 3º volume da trilogia Millennium do Stieg Larsson, voltei a ver todos os episódios da "Anatomia de Grey" desde o início, vou hoje começar a 5ª temporada, e tenho andado viciada no "Solitário". Alguma coisa tenho que fazer para passar o tempo, né?

So it seems that the worst is over and that this last month in bedrest helped me recover from the problems I was having with my pregnancy. But, just to be sure, and since I'm still in a lot of pain to the point of not being able to lead a normal life, my doctor wants me to stay in bed at least until the end of November. Emphasis on the "at least".
The baby is growing and developing just fine (what a relief let me tell you!!!) and it will most likely be... a girl!!!
In other news, Autumm has definetely arrived and I've been feeling a knitting vibe. That I can do from bed, not like sewing, and I think it's a good sign to want to produce something. Other than that, I've been reading, just started the third volume of Stieg Larsson's Millennium collection, I've been watching "Grey's Anatomy" from the beggining, today I start season 5, and I've been addicted to playing "Solitaire": Hey, a girl's got to do something with her time, right?
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