23 de jan de 2010

Gifts... for me!!!

Agora que tenho esta paixão, as prendas relacionadas com a costura são as que fazem mais sucesso, claro. Além de muitos tecidos (yeiii!!!), recebi esta caixa de costura (presente da minha cunhada) e esta malinha (presente da minha sogra, comprado numa loja fantástica nas Caldas da Rainha, onde a minha cunhada estuda).

Obrigado família!!!

Now that I have this crush, gifts that have something to do with sewing are the most welcomed, of course. Besides lots of fabric (yeiii!!!), I got this sewing suppplies box (from my SIL) and this purse (from my MIL, bought at an amazing shop in Caldas da Rainha where my SIL goes to college).

Thanks you guys!!!

22 de jan de 2010

Ainda sobre o Natal... / About Christmas yet again...

Não é que viva presa ao passado, mas ainda não mostrei todas as fotos das peças que fiz no Natal nem das prendas que recebi. Tenciono fazê-lo neste fim-de-semana. Algumas das fotos foram tiradas com o meu novo telemóvel (têm melhor qualidade do que quando tirava com o velho e quando não tenho a máquina por perto é sempre um plano B) mas apesar de ser novo teve de ir para arranjar e vou perder tudo, por isso tenho de tirar novas fotos.

It's not like I live in the past, but I still haven't shown all the photos of the presents I made and the ones I got for Christmas. I plan on doing that this weekend. Some of the photos were taken with my new cell phone (they have better quality than the ones I used to take with my old phone and when I don't have the camera at hand it's a good plan B) but despite being new I had to have it serviced so I'm going to lose all the data and I'll have to take new photos.

(My studio looked like a factory with all those aprons in production...)

19 de jan de 2010


Look what I got in my mailbox! It's from Teresa and it will go to my Christmas ornaments collection. I'm really happy. Thank you Teresa! I hope you enjoy my gift as well :) This private swap was FUN!!!
(I was so eager to open my present that I forgot to take photos beforehand ahaha)

10 de jan de 2010

Yeeeiii! A wonderful tutorial!

(Image by Audrie Bidwell)

I just love love love this great sewing machine cover tutorial. It's by Audrie, from one of my favourite blogs (Blue is Bleu), but it's on Vicki's Sew Inspired, who invited Audrie to be a guest blogger (which was also a really fun idea, by the way).

It seems really easy (or it is just well explained and illustrated) and it's a great use of scraps. The result is a personalized and very useful cover for our "baby". Who doesn't need one of these? I know I do - I've been using a beach towel with dolphins that was a gift several years ago and it's too small to actually lie on now (not that I'm at all that tall, but I do love me some huuuuge beach towels, go figure).

As soon as I finish the most urgent projects I have in hands, as always (LOL), I'll make one and I'll come here to show the before and after.
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