31 de jan de 2011

N is for nursery

This weekend, the 4 grandparents and the baby-dad were putting together evertyhing in the nursery (under my supervision OF COURSE) because my babyshower had to be held at our home, so that it's not (too) tiresome for me and my friends wouldn't want to miss the opportunity of taking a peek. It worked out as an excellent excuse to have everything ready, because it was stressing me out knowing that the baby could come at any time and the room wasn't ready to welcome her.
It's still not completely ready: my sister in law has to finish the 4 paintings collection she started and I haven't made the curtains and the bedding like I so very much wanted. But... let it go... breathe in breathe out... I'll get to it when possible. Ok, I'm back.
Despite the bathtub and the chair where she will eat being out of place and ruining the decoration, this is how the nursery looks now.

3 de jan de 2011


Just like a blank notebook in the beginning of a school year, I love the first days of the new year. I always feel so nostalgic about the year that has just ended and so full of plans and dreams for all the days and weeks and months ahead of me.
This time I have no resolutions and no goals. Just one thing on my mind: this is the year my daughter will be born. Either it will happen in it's due time or a little while before, but she will come to this world and she will change my life forever.
I will stay at home to take care of her for at least half of the year, then I'll have to seriously consider finding to a new job because my current boss has moved the offices to really far away from home and it will be hard to spend about 4 hours per day commuting with a baby at home.
So many things I know will happen and so many more things will surprise me. One thing is for sure: this is going to be a great happy wonderful year!!!
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