30 de mar de 2011

It turns out...

My baby decided not to wait for the scheduled c-section (March 21st). My waters broke on March 19th at 9 am and she was out some minutes before noon. Everything happened very fast because the doctors had to perform an emergency c-section. I don't mind at all that things turn out this way, because it felt very awkward to me that we had scheduled her birth. And March 19th is Father's Day, so she came as a present to my husband. A few days later, when the baby and I were already at home, he celebrated his birthday, so it was like double jackpot.

These first few days were very tiresome, as expected. She is an angel and sleeps 4 hours straight, I'm luck that way, but the constant phone calls and the guests visiting all the time and the fact that I'm unable to just relax (i'm always on full alert) took its toll. But now it's safe to say that we've found a routine, things are settling down and my husband and I finally had some quality time with our baby just us (and the dogs). As for my recovery, it's going way better than I had antecipated, I almost forget I had a surgery and that's actually not a very good idea, I tend to do more than I should around the house, instead of just resting a little bit. The thing is... I'm so sick of staying in bed all day hehehe

I now leave you with some pictures of our bundle of joy, and I much appreciate if you respect them and not use them for any means.

Just a few minutes after being born

On my lap

On daddy's lap

In her new home

11 days old :)

16 de mar de 2011

7 days, 7 pictures...

The first present Helena got was given by her godmother who didn't even know she was going to be asked that very same day
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