21 de fev de 2011

Handmade details

Even though I haven't been able yet to sew everything I wanted to make for the nursery (i know i complain a lot about that, sorry), that doesn't mean there won't be wonderful handmade little things to welcome my baby into this family, all thanks to my mother and my sister-in-law. I love everything so much that I can't help but brag about it...

These two crochet blankets were made by my mother. The pink and white one she had made for my brother's baby, who didn't survive, and she asked me if i didn't minda to which I answered of course i don't, i see it as a tribute actually. The second one is quite large, it fits the 140cm x70cm bed and was meant to match the colours I chose for the nursery. There is a third blanket, which was knitted, and the colour is the mint green from the walls. I didn't take pictures of that one yet...

These are 2 of the 4 paintings my sister-in-law painted for us, inspired by Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies books from 1923. The first one is Spring (daisies, OF COURSE, and from all the 4 my absolute favourite) and the second one is Summer (Bird's-foot Trefoil). She is still painting the Winter and Autumm fairies and hopefully she will finish them before the baby is born, because I will only hang the paintings after having the 4 of them in order to best determine their placement in the wall.

Then my sister-in-law surprised us all with this mobile. She had never tried to make anything like this (she doesn't sew) and it turned out so great, it matches the whole butterfly theme pretty well.

On the dresser there is now this "flower" arrangement, made with fabric and paper, that she had originally made as a centerpiece for the babyshower and now adapted it at my request. The little satin bow fell off but it's nothing that a stitch won't fix.

Finally, she also made an amazing baby's book that I have yet to take pictures of.

Also, I still don't have pictures of the knitted clothes my mother and I have been making. That will be a whole different post...

But what I did take pictures of was this bedside table lamp, which is store bought, actually online, since I can't exactly go to baby shops. I don't I need to tell you all why I love this lamp... So much so, that my mother decided she would give it to ME as a Xmas present, but of course she knew it was for the baby's room.

13 de fev de 2011

No news, good news!

Yep, she's still in the oven!!! (And, yes, it looks like she will have big full lips like mommy...)
I'm so proud of my warrior baby and of myself too, actually, because I've been a good girl, always staying in bed, doing my best to keep her from being born too soon.
And recently we've found out that she is sitting, so not in the right position for the birth to happen naturally, and we will have to schedule a c-section. The thing is... I can't wrap my mind around the thought of CHOOSING A DATE!!!
So far, almost everyone is voting for the 21st March, because of the beggining of Spring, but in case you didn't know in some years spring begins on the 20th, so there goes our reason... Suggestions are more than welcome at this point. Out of question is 19th, 20th and 23rd and it has to be between 14th and 24th.

In the crafts front, no sewing obviously, because I don't handsew anything if I can avoid it hehehe Only Knitting. I've yet to take pictures of the dress and matching jacket and of the top I've knitted, as well as several (many many many) wool baby boots. And today I'll begin a new project (yeiiii) which will be an overall but for the mid-season weather, so it's not in wool it's in ... (I don't know the name in english, sorry).

Wish me luck!!!

6 de fev de 2011

B is for babyshower

And here are some photos of yesterday's babyshower, which was so much fun (and I really needed it)!

I had an amazing "diaper-cake" as is tradition.

And the dining room table was full of yummy things, which I couldn't eat because I was going to have my blood tested for diabetis...

Almost all of my girlfriends came to spoil me.

And I made several of these goofy faces while opening my presents because I was really really having fun (you know I'm having fun when I start publicizing tooth paste).
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