26 de dez de 2010

Family and food and surprises

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Living in a catholic country where at least the younger generations aren't so religious after all, Christmas has become more and more about running around like crazy shopping for presents than about the birth of Jesus. I think i'm in the middle. I'm spiritual but not religious and I'm married to someone who is neither, so we don't embrace the original meaning of this holiday, but we love the family gathering, the typical food of the seaon, the antecipation and joy of exchanging gifts. Personally, I love the decorations too, and in my parents house this was always so under appreciated that now that i get to spend Christmas with my inlaws I finally found the Christmas decorations paradise. My MIL is so crazy about Christmas, every year she adds new decorations (notice the "add") and her house truly is a cozy home filled with lots and lots of loud people, it's the best!

This year, I ate from a tray in my lap on the sofa, my presents and my daughter's had to be brought to me and i needed help everytime i wanted to get up and basically go to the toilet (as I don't get up for anything else). So, this year, my three favourites - family, food and surprises (gifts) - were appreciated in a different, but nonetheless very special, way.

Last Christmas I was sad because I wasn't pregnant yet, this year I have my baby on the way and all I want is for her to come in her due time, instead of too early (Like the doctor predicted and warned me about), so I truly am happy and feel loved and blessed... by whoever, wherever, I don't care. I just feel what I actually do consider to be the spirit of the season. I'm as happy as can be!!!

19 de dez de 2010

And the winners are...

So, it's mid sunday here and I think it's a good time as any to end the giveaway given that noone has joined in in more than 12 hours.
If I had had 1000 or so like in some of the giveaways I entered (no wonder I didn't win any) of course I would have learned how to use the random generator thing, but, with only 31 people and lots and lots of time in my hands, what I did was write down all the names, cut into pieces and put them in a bowl.
(You have to believe me on this one because I didn't take pictures of this. Asking my husband for pen, paper, scissors and a bowl was borderline with his morning bad temper, let alone if I asked for him to bring me the camera, wait through the process and then connect the camera to the pc, that would be a stretch, and I've got to think that in an hour or two I need him in a good mood to bring me lunch. uff!!!)
Then I was thinking that because I had three prizes, how would I choose a winner for each? Three different drawings? Putting just the names of the people who asked for a specific item on that specific drawing and then have like a miscellanous bowl? I mean, I'm new at this and I had to figure out every detail. Ultimately I decided to draw three papers, period. If the people had showed preferences fine, if not fine too. If two people wanted the same item, the first name to be drawed would get it. I think when it comes to rules you have to keep it simple and fair.
Luckily, the three names had all said what they prefered to win, so everyone's happy!!! And without more talk talk talk, here are the winners:

For the sewing supplies: Quilt n Queen, who is a fan of "Grey's Anatomy", a show I've watched from episode 1 until episode I don't know what of the current season (and believe me, I've watched them more than once) and "Dirty Dancing", which along with "ET" is probably the film of my childhood (and teenager years and adulthood, every few months I watch it again and I have all the lines memorized by now). Congratulations, it's funny to find something in common with you and I'll email you asking for your address.

For the fabric: Jolanda, who was the first to participate (see, in my giveaway being the first is not bad) and recommended me "Notting Hill" and "Grey's Anatomy", which shows she has good taste because it's one of the movies I've watched more often and I've already said I'm a fan of the twisted sisters (specially Christina, love that character). Parabéns JOlanda, vou já mandar um email a pedir a morada!!!

And for the selvedges, which I thought would be up for grabs for anyone else since it didn't conquer that much entushiasm, faith would have it that one person who actually wanted it got it (really I thought it was an amazing coincidence): Racheldaisy, who mentioned "Mad Men", a series I've been interested in start seeing because so many people say it's great. And who doesn't enjoy 60's fashion??? hehehe Congratulations my fellow daisy, I'll be emailing you also.

This was so much fun and I wished I had more prizes to give. I think it was a good way to keep me busy, entertained and take my mind off the fact that I've still got 3 more months of bed rest until I give birth, so before Helena comes to this world I will definetely have another giveaway. It won't be anything handmade because I can't make much (or maybe I'll knit something) so keep visitng the blog and watch out for more sewing supplies/fabrics/etc. (who would have guesseed ric rac was such a success among you? the things we learn from giveaways...)

17 de dez de 2010

The giveaway is still open!

My giveaway will stay open for a little longer because I only post it near the end of it, besides I don't know exactly when the 17th ends for all of you in the US, so... better stay open longer than cutting it too short. And noone can call me a cheater either because i'm not even on the Sew Mama Sew list anyway so... I make my rules eheeh
I will announce a winner during the weekend, that's for sure. Thank you all so much for your suggestions, my list of tv series and movies is growing and I'm hoping I won't feel bored again until at least the end of 2010 heehhehe

16 de dez de 2010

Giveaway Day... and I almost missed it!

I can't believe this time of all times I almost missed Giveaway Day! Here I am, lying in this bed for so many weeks, complaining about how slow time passes by and how bored I am... and instead I could have been discovering new blogs and reading your funny comments!!! Well, better late than never. Here is my giveaway:

One lucky winner will win these sewing supplies: ric rac, 100% cotton thread and some zippers.

Another lucky winner will win these random fabrics. Some are fat quarters, other are just 20 cm or 30 cm pieces.

Another lucky winner will win a year's worth of selvedge.

I know, I know, it's not much but it's up for grabs and I will ship internationally (actually someone else will do it for me as I can't get up from this bed...). All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me your favourite movie/tv series and why, because I really am bored and could use some tips on what to watch next. Please tell me which of the prizes you would prefer to win and make sure I have a way to contact you. I will choose the winner randomly, either finally learning how to work with Mr Thingy or doing it the old fashion pen and paper way.

Comment away!!!

9 de dez de 2010

I think a simple "thank you" is in order

Today the door bell rang and it was the mail man with my latest order from Sew Mama Sew onnline shop. Noone else came to visit, noone called (except my mom) and nothing special happened to me during the whole day, so please understand that this was the highlight of my day (getting new fabrics is always nice, anyway). Even the dogs spent the day sleeping in their beds not caring if I was feeling lonely and depressed or not. Thank god for the internet, I chat everyday with other pregnant women on bed rest and exchange book suggestions and game cheats hehehe
Anyway, call it boredom or just too much free time to think about small things, I found myself writing a "thank you" email to the Sew Mama Sew staff. I mean, the fabrics are always very neatly cut, the package always presented in such a lovely way, it arrives so fast and man do those guys manage to fit lots of fabric in one flat rate envelope! That's the best part! Today I got like 5 yards or so and a pattern, how can I not be amazed and thankful?
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