10 de jan de 2010

Yeeeiii! A wonderful tutorial!

(Image by Audrie Bidwell)

I just love love love this great sewing machine cover tutorial. It's by Audrie, from one of my favourite blogs (Blue is Bleu), but it's on Vicki's Sew Inspired, who invited Audrie to be a guest blogger (which was also a really fun idea, by the way).

It seems really easy (or it is just well explained and illustrated) and it's a great use of scraps. The result is a personalized and very useful cover for our "baby". Who doesn't need one of these? I know I do - I've been using a beach towel with dolphins that was a gift several years ago and it's too small to actually lie on now (not that I'm at all that tall, but I do love me some huuuuge beach towels, go figure).

As soon as I finish the most urgent projects I have in hands, as always (LOL), I'll make one and I'll come here to show the before and after.

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