29 de jun de 2010

The books are WAY better but...

Attention must be paid, nonetheless.

And I'll be seeing it tomorrow (another reason to celebrate with a giveaway ehehe).

2 comentários:

  1. Got my ticket and I'm ready to go! I agree with you - the books were awesome. Hmm, might have to read the set again after I see Eclipse several times!

  2. i've lost count of how many times i read the books. I read the first two in portuguese, but then I had to read Eclipse in english because it wasn't out here yet, so I thought: why don't i read the first two in english as well? then i read all three again just before reading breaking dawn. when eclipse and breaking dawn were available in portuguese i decided to read all four books again in a row. then, before the movies, i read them again. and sometimes i kind of miss the characteres, i begin to forget some parts, so i read them all again.
    i'm totally addicted as you can see!
    of all my friends and family, i was the first to read these books, but then i convinced everyone to come aboard too ehehehe


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