24 de jul de 2010

My birthday gifts

The two books that I had asked for and a third one that was a pleasant surprise. It's title could be translated to "Fashion Patterns step by step" and it's about tailloring. It differs from the traditional sewing books, that have beautiful pictures and cute little projects. As you can see from the interior pages, it's mostly theoritical, but it's very useful because it explains the proportions, how to draw patterns, etc. It's very professional!

(One funny thing: the book is written in spanish but also translated into italian and portuguese. My sister-in-law didn't notice this, but she didn't worry because she knows I speak spanish. Only after giving it to me did she realise it was also in portuguese!)

The patterns that I had ordered from Sew Mama Sew and that had arrived some time ago, but that only now I was allowed to open.

And Eva, whom y'all already know!

Besides Eva, my parents also bought me buttons and gave me money to order some fabrics. I bought these in the Sew Mama Sew sale.

So now I have books to learn from, patterns to cut from, a model always at my service and fabrics to turn into clothes!

I had other presents, but these were the sewing related ones. One last surprise was in store for me, also from my sister-in-law:

In her last semester at the arts university she learnt how to make books, or just the book cover if one wants to put in a book they already have. And she made this one (in blue, of course) just for me! I tell you: it's perfect!!! She meant it as a notebook for my sewing lessons or for taking notes while making stuff, but it's so precious that I feel like I would have to be careful with my handwriting so I won't ruin it. I love handmade gifts and this was just an amazing surprise!

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  1. Happy birthday to you! What a wonderful pile of birthday gifts! Lucky girl.


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