30 de jul de 2010

Summer holidays

We (as in me, my husband and our crazy dogs) will go enjoy our summer holidays at my parent's summer house in Algarve.
Here are some pictures to show you what this region where I've spent all my holidays since I was born means to me. I just wish these photos were mine, they are really nice, right?

(Image by Angelo Stramasso @Olhares)

(Image by Fernando Salgueiro @Olhares)

(Image by Joana Duarte @Olhares)

(Image by Luis Filipe Costa @Olhares)

(Image by Nuno Abreu @Olhares)

(Image by José Barreiro @Olhares)

(Image by Fernando Oliveira @Olhares)

(Image by Cristina Matos @Olhares)

(Image by Atilio Francisco Pinho @Olhares)

I don't think I'll have internet access, so no posting during the next fortnight. But I'll be back with lots of photos and hopefully some sewing done. Yes, even surrounded by all this beauty, I think I'll be taking my sewing machine and some projects with me :)

3 comentários:

  1. Wow, this area IS so incredibly gorgeous! What a wonderful place to spend a summer holiday. I'm so envious!

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous place! I hope to some day travel the world and this is a must see spot! Breathtaking!

  3. What an awesome vacation spot! Have fun!


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