19 de ago de 2010

Ric rac

I have recently inherited several meters of ric rac. It's vintage. Believe me, it belonged to the grandmother of someone old enough to be my grandmother. And I was its lucky recipient.

My favourite one is the yellow, because it's the brightest of them all, but of course that's the one I have less quantity of. I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but the other colours are pale green, navy blue, dark brown and deep burgundy (you can't imagine how many times I have wanted to say "deep burgundy", it sounds so much lovelier than "grená" or "cor de vinho" ahahah). There is also a pale pink one, which is not exactly ric rac, it's more like crochet, and it would look lovely in a little girl's dress, for example.
In the spirit of sharing, does anyone want me to send them some of this ric rac? If so, please tell me how much and of which colour(s). I'm also considering having another giveaway, in which I could include this and also some selvedges I have been saving.

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  1. What a great stash of ric rac to inherit! Such a great selection to play with. I especially love the burgundy color. I like to use these on tote bags where my contrasting fabrics or patchwork squares meet up. Have fun!

  2. Hi! It was a great surprise. My godmother gave them to me, along with some buttons (yeiii!), some old fabrics (great to experiment with now that i'm beginning to sew clothes) and also more recently she also gave me a set of vintage glasses of water that i fell in love with when i found them in her attic. she is so sweet! she realy is a "fairy godmother".

  3. Olá,
    Descobri o teu blog a semana passada e é a primeira vez que comento. Antes de mais parabéns, está espectacular! Eu só comecei a costurar à menos de um ano e terminei este fim-de-semana o meu primeiro quilt :) (pequeno de bébé) e sabe espectacularmente bem!
    Queria só dizer que estas descobertas e prendas das avós são mesmo maravilhosas e o interesse pela costura despertanos para descobrir coisas nos sotãos da família que qualquer outra pessoa só pensaria deitar fora :) ainda bem que a tua madrinha pensou em ti primeiro. As fitas são belíssimas!

  4. Ups ...desperta-nos... sorry :)


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