2 de nov de 2010

July 31st

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I know that righ now it feels like a gazillion days away, but I'm already counting. On July 31 st, I'll be one year older, I'll be a mom... and I'll be singing at the top of my lungs at a Bon Jovi concert! Yep, can't even believe that after more than 10 years waiting since the last time they came to Portugal suddenly I got to see them last year and now again next year. I sent my dad out for tickets today and he was joking on the phone saying there weren't any tickets left (now, isn't that a mean thing to do to a pregnant woman???) but the truth is I was probably the first one to get a ticket hehehe He all but camped out at the store, he got there before all the employees. eheheh

I'm happy happy happy! I've been a fan (like a HUGE fan) for twenty years now and when JBJ will be 60 years old I will still think his voice is amazing! I'm happy happy happy happy happy!!!

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  1. Oh, you are going to have so much fun at that concert! I used to be a huge fan of JBJ, and saw them in concert at least three times. How fun to have this to look forward to.

  2. Should be a great show! I remember Bon Jovi way way back in their "Runaway" days! (1983!!) Wow...that was so long ago! I was a huge fan in high school, but that was 1986-1989...I'm so old!

  3. Another thing we have in common. I actually went to London last June to see them at the O2 it was amazing. I'm so happy I'll get to see them again this year! With a Greatest Hits album, no less, it will be legendary :D Here ate Alegro, people were queuing the door at least from 9:30 a.m. I wished I could join them.

  4. My husband and I have seen Bon Jovi in concert many times now (my husband is a huge fan)! They are always great. I actually got to hear him sing Hallelujah live at Summerfest (in Milwaukee) on year...it was amazing! He will be in Chicago in March and we definitely have tickets to go!


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