9 de dez de 2010

I think a simple "thank you" is in order

Today the door bell rang and it was the mail man with my latest order from Sew Mama Sew onnline shop. Noone else came to visit, noone called (except my mom) and nothing special happened to me during the whole day, so please understand that this was the highlight of my day (getting new fabrics is always nice, anyway). Even the dogs spent the day sleeping in their beds not caring if I was feeling lonely and depressed or not. Thank god for the internet, I chat everyday with other pregnant women on bed rest and exchange book suggestions and game cheats hehehe
Anyway, call it boredom or just too much free time to think about small things, I found myself writing a "thank you" email to the Sew Mama Sew staff. I mean, the fabrics are always very neatly cut, the package always presented in such a lovely way, it arrives so fast and man do those guys manage to fit lots of fabric in one flat rate envelope! That's the best part! Today I got like 5 yards or so and a pattern, how can I not be amazed and thankful?

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  1. Don't you justlove fabric in the mail...but I want pictures of it please :)


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