26 de out de 2011


Well, I do most of my fabric shopping online on Sew Mama Sew or other US shops. It's cheaper, even after paying for the shipping costs, and there is a lot more variety and novelty. Some fabrics are not available in Portugal or they take a few weeks to get here.
Until today, everything worked out for me. But now, with the new government policies, for the first time I had to pay a customs fee. Just to think that someone was opening my package - I know it's just fabrics but even so - is really upsetting to me. And then having to pay a tax on top of what I have already paid... I mean... C'mon!!!
So, sad and upset and frustrated, from now on I'll be looking for an online shop in the UK, so that it's considered an import from within the European Union market and it doesn't go through customs. Anyone has any ideas?

Another thing: I went on macculloch-wallis' shop site and tried to order fabric but... in the Cotton menu alone I had like a gazillion types of fabric to choose from: puppytooth crepon, swiss cotton jacquard, birdseye pique, scoured cambric, warp stripe herringborne, floral lawn, regency stripe... just to name a few. I'm so confused!!!

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  1. How incredibly frustrating for you! Is there any way you could get them to mark it as 'gift' on the customs declaration as then they couldn't charge you extra duty on it.

  2. that would be a great solution but they open the package so they would find the payment receipt :(

  3. Hi

    I live in the UK and yes I too have to pay Customs, mind you, they didn't charge me the first time. Lucky me I suppose.

    I did ask a supplier in the US if she could state that it was a gift, she got very offended with my request, saying that she could go to jail.

    Suppliers from Korea, they are quite good, they do put gift if you request.

    Here at least with me they don't open the parcels, they go by the value that is in the slip outside the parcel.

    But yes it hurts to pay that fee, that's why I opted to buy from here now

    From countries in the EU I am not too sure, I suppose you have to pay the VAT rate of each country in all your vatable suppliers, but I have never ordered from within the EU, so can't really help you.

    I so understand your frustration, specially if they opened the parcel

    Have a great day x

  4. yes, the opening of the parcel is the worst part... but also paying a fee that one didn't expect...


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