21 de jul de 2010

Happy birthday...

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To me! Just to let you know that I'm turning 28 today, so I expect some nice comments below :)
The last year has been a crazy ride, with some ups but also some really downs, and I'm trying to be at peace with that. I hope this new year of my life brings me that peace. If I may so, I think I deserve it :)

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  1. 28? What a wonderful age! Happy birthday to you!!!!! Hope you get spoiled today and get a chance to do all your favorite things.

  2. thank you!!! I'm actually at work and my mobile phone is out of battery because I was getting so many phone calls, so despite it all, i'm being super spoiled! my colleague baked me a chocolate cake and everything!!! hoorayy!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!! 28 was a really good year for me and I was sad to see it go...but you'll have a blast, I'm sure! And 29 is already turning out to be fun so you have that to look forward to.

    Have a super fun day!

  4. Happy Birthday Daisy! I hope it is the best one ever!

  5. Happy birthday! Oh to be 28 again! ;) 39 this year...yuck! But it's my last birthday for the rest of my life! (don't I wish!)

  6. thank you! thank you! thank you!!!
    i'm one of those people who really likes to celebrate birthdays (mine or other people's), even when - like this year - I say that i don't feel like celebrating, i end up having a blast!
    and i was feeling so old, but at my office i'm the youngest, and apparently amongst my blogging friends too! ehehehehehehehe
    i'm feeling younger already!!!

  7. I'm already late... but a Happy Birthday to you is always welcome, isn't it?
    Eu gosto de receber os parabéns, mesmo que atrasados - por isso - muitos parabéns e que este novo ano de vida traga mais ups than downs :)
    (é a 1º vez que cá venho, e estou a gostar!)

  8. Happy Birthday. Hopefully this year will be better for you and bring you the peace you need. All the best wishes and {{hugs}} in the world for you.

  9. Happy belated birthday Daisy!!


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