1 de jul de 2010

Mr Mail Man: I LOVE YOU!

I had wonderful surprises in the mailbox these last few days.

I received the patterns I ordered from Sew Mama Sew as my birthday gift. But... I have to wait until after my birthday to open the package and starting cutting.

And Crystal from Sonnet of the Moon sent me a wonderful flag quilt after our email exchange about the soccer world cup. Portugal had just been eliminated so I was in serious need of national pride. And she was the sweetest, she also sent me these amazing scraps!!! When I saw two packages I was like: "What...?" And after opening them I had a huge grin. (I have to take better pictures of these gifts, though, I wanted to hang the flag in a tree or something but didn't want it to get dirty, so it didn't work out that well ehehe and I wanted to show you all the amazing details but the photos got too blurry)

And my latest Amazon order has also arrived: books 9 and 10 of The Sookie Stachouse "mexican vampire soap-opera" Series and "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner", even though I've read it online (in case you haven't, you better hurry up because it will be online only until next monday). So lots of vampires for me in my near future!!! (By the way: haven't decided yet how much I liked "Eclipse").

PS - I'm enjoying everyone's book suggestions on my Giveaway (still going on for a few more days) and I know that I'll be making a new Amazon order soon...

3 comentários:

  1. I definitely know what you mean - little prezzies in the mail are the BEST!

  2. I think I love your mail man too! How wonderful to find all these treasures in the mail. (btw, I loved Eclipse! can't wait to see it again)

  3. Thanks both! You are the greatest! I don't think I'll receive more prezzies until my birthday, though, so I'm just happy with the ones I got!


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