8 de nov de 2010

Open for debate

So I'm planning the whole decoration of the nursery, right?

I'm in bed all day, searching the internet, buying stuff online...

And I'm thinking about the curtains and the crib quilt, etc etc etc. Now that I know it's a girl, I've got the right fabrics and... I'm missing a quilt pattern. I'm all for squares, always have been and always will be, but besides squares, there are other patterns I like. I just don't know if Ii like them enough for such a high stakes thing. I mean, it's my first (and probably only, by the look of things) baby and I want it to be perfect. Am I being foolish to put such pressure in this? I know that I'll be making her other crib quilts eventually, maybe not curtains - those I plan to use for a long time - but why oh why is it so hard for me to decide which pattern to go with? Should I just do a sampler quilt? I like squares, bento-box, circles, disappearing 9 patch, bricks, I like a lot of things... I don't particularly like stars and pinwheels but... there're OK too.

Because of my limitations (both physical and experience-wise) I was just thinking of keeping it simple, but then my mom and my husband bullied me a bit into something more out of my comfort zone and then my sister in law said something that also got me thinking... I mean, I'm so confused and I haven't even started anything.

So... since everyone around me is already throwing their ideas at me even if I don't ask for them, at least YOU could give me your ideas. Yes... I'm asking...

What should I do???

9 comentários:

  1. I like 9 patch a lot - but your baby's nursery should be what you like most...

  2. I say - say thank you to all that offer advice, write the things down that you truly like, and then make it your own design. You'll spend a lot of time in the nursery, so you need to make it a room that you love. Definitely don't put something in the nursery just for the sake of pleasing someone else. YOU are the Mama - YOU make the decisions!! (And Papa too ;)

  3. You have to make the decision. My 1st quilt for my youngest (I was still preg. w/ her) I did a simple patchwork with charm squares. I was still super new at quilting and actually I think it was my "first" quilt-start to finish. It was with a line I LOVED and still do. Although it doesn't go with her room decor at all, I still love and use the quilt all the time. It goes with us when we travel to go in her pack-n-play and as a cover for her in her crib.

    If you like squares, go for it. How could you go wrong with squares?? Also a disappearing 9-path is nice too. It's still that "patchwork look" but a little more "complicated" looking (if that makes sense!)

    Ultimately make what YOU want and then no matter what it is, it will be perfect! Good luck!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. I think you should make a quilt that you love and sew it with all your heart. And then give it to your baby because you love her. It should be just that simple.

  5. Decorating a nursery what fun! Simple quilt would be great for the baby to lie on and another one for the wall. How does that sound? I made 2 for my Grand daughter and they using them both. Have fun and looking forward to seeing some pics. - Hugs Nat

  6. Well it is a big decision and can totally understand your need for perfection. I made fairly simple quilts for my girls crib quilts and then as they got older and I got more experienced I made more intricate ones that suited their personalities. I can recommend a sampler quilt though as that will teach you lots of different techniques and you can just do simple blocks that you really like and perhaps leave the intricate patterns for when you're more experienced. Hope this helps you decision making process:)

  7. I'd recommend doing something you know you're good at. I'm an inexperienced quilter myself, and if I tried something new for something so important, and it didn't work out, I'd feel pretty bad (but then I tend to be hard on myself). Just remember that no matter what you make, baby will love it.

  8. Well, for me I guess I would be looking around the blogs and flickrs trying to find something that I looked at and thought that's it! Also, you shouldn't really stress that much, because I'm sure your baby will have a winter, summer, srping and Autumn quilts. Also an Easter, Christmas and Halloween quilts... I now mine would. As soon as I finished the first I would be on to next trying to get to every idea I had gathered during the research stage :) Either way it will be beautifull and stiched in a lot of love, and that really shows!

  9. olá querida! Estou feliz de houvir que há um bebé a esperra de chegar. Eu não fiz colchas para os meus tres filhos, porque na altura eu não estava na fase patchwork. Mas fiz uma para o meu netinho.
    Fiz uma muito simples, quadradinhos de 4", mas feitos com retalhos da nossa roupa. camisas, jeans, saias, toda em tons de azul, com um pouco de branco e um veludo roxo. Muitos parabens e se queres falar mais podes escrever-me. Se queres trocar tecidos tambem. Bjs.


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