19 de dez de 2010

And the winners are...

So, it's mid sunday here and I think it's a good time as any to end the giveaway given that noone has joined in in more than 12 hours.
If I had had 1000 or so like in some of the giveaways I entered (no wonder I didn't win any) of course I would have learned how to use the random generator thing, but, with only 31 people and lots and lots of time in my hands, what I did was write down all the names, cut into pieces and put them in a bowl.
(You have to believe me on this one because I didn't take pictures of this. Asking my husband for pen, paper, scissors and a bowl was borderline with his morning bad temper, let alone if I asked for him to bring me the camera, wait through the process and then connect the camera to the pc, that would be a stretch, and I've got to think that in an hour or two I need him in a good mood to bring me lunch. uff!!!)
Then I was thinking that because I had three prizes, how would I choose a winner for each? Three different drawings? Putting just the names of the people who asked for a specific item on that specific drawing and then have like a miscellanous bowl? I mean, I'm new at this and I had to figure out every detail. Ultimately I decided to draw three papers, period. If the people had showed preferences fine, if not fine too. If two people wanted the same item, the first name to be drawed would get it. I think when it comes to rules you have to keep it simple and fair.
Luckily, the three names had all said what they prefered to win, so everyone's happy!!! And without more talk talk talk, here are the winners:

For the sewing supplies: Quilt n Queen, who is a fan of "Grey's Anatomy", a show I've watched from episode 1 until episode I don't know what of the current season (and believe me, I've watched them more than once) and "Dirty Dancing", which along with "ET" is probably the film of my childhood (and teenager years and adulthood, every few months I watch it again and I have all the lines memorized by now). Congratulations, it's funny to find something in common with you and I'll email you asking for your address.

For the fabric: Jolanda, who was the first to participate (see, in my giveaway being the first is not bad) and recommended me "Notting Hill" and "Grey's Anatomy", which shows she has good taste because it's one of the movies I've watched more often and I've already said I'm a fan of the twisted sisters (specially Christina, love that character). Parabéns JOlanda, vou já mandar um email a pedir a morada!!!

And for the selvedges, which I thought would be up for grabs for anyone else since it didn't conquer that much entushiasm, faith would have it that one person who actually wanted it got it (really I thought it was an amazing coincidence): Racheldaisy, who mentioned "Mad Men", a series I've been interested in start seeing because so many people say it's great. And who doesn't enjoy 60's fashion??? hehehe Congratulations my fellow daisy, I'll be emailing you also.

This was so much fun and I wished I had more prizes to give. I think it was a good way to keep me busy, entertained and take my mind off the fact that I've still got 3 more months of bed rest until I give birth, so before Helena comes to this world I will definetely have another giveaway. It won't be anything handmade because I can't make much (or maybe I'll knit something) so keep visitng the blog and watch out for more sewing supplies/fabrics/etc. (who would have guesseed ric rac was such a success among you? the things we learn from giveaways...)

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, being a winner is always exciting. I'm sending you an email with my address. I am a new follower......#33 ....I'll be visiting your blog. Happy Holidays and all the best to you in 2011...may it be a very good year for you!!!

  2. Congrats to your winners! How fun! Look forward to SMS's next giveaway day which will be in May 2011.

  3. Congrats to the winners! :D

  4. I love your story of picking the winners. what a coincidence that you picked my name for the selvedges. I was thinking by the next SMS you'll have a baby!! How exciting! Hope you're enjoying lots of fun new TV shows.


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