26 de dez de 2010

Family and food and surprises

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Living in a catholic country where at least the younger generations aren't so religious after all, Christmas has become more and more about running around like crazy shopping for presents than about the birth of Jesus. I think i'm in the middle. I'm spiritual but not religious and I'm married to someone who is neither, so we don't embrace the original meaning of this holiday, but we love the family gathering, the typical food of the seaon, the antecipation and joy of exchanging gifts. Personally, I love the decorations too, and in my parents house this was always so under appreciated that now that i get to spend Christmas with my inlaws I finally found the Christmas decorations paradise. My MIL is so crazy about Christmas, every year she adds new decorations (notice the "add") and her house truly is a cozy home filled with lots and lots of loud people, it's the best!

This year, I ate from a tray in my lap on the sofa, my presents and my daughter's had to be brought to me and i needed help everytime i wanted to get up and basically go to the toilet (as I don't get up for anything else). So, this year, my three favourites - family, food and surprises (gifts) - were appreciated in a different, but nonetheless very special, way.

Last Christmas I was sad because I wasn't pregnant yet, this year I have my baby on the way and all I want is for her to come in her due time, instead of too early (Like the doctor predicted and warned me about), so I truly am happy and feel loved and blessed... by whoever, wherever, I don't care. I just feel what I actually do consider to be the spirit of the season. I'm as happy as can be!!!

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  1. Merry Christmas, Daisy! I just got back from my holiday weekend up north. It doesn't sound like I had as much fun as you...certainly no one brought me goodies while I sat on the couch all day. But it was still fun.

    I'm so happy to hear things with the baby are going well and that you had a nice weekend. :)

  2. Sounds like you were pampered this Christmas ~ good for you! Next year will be a whole new experience as you watch your daughter discover Christmas!


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