13 de fev de 2011

No news, good news!

Yep, she's still in the oven!!! (And, yes, it looks like she will have big full lips like mommy...)
I'm so proud of my warrior baby and of myself too, actually, because I've been a good girl, always staying in bed, doing my best to keep her from being born too soon.
And recently we've found out that she is sitting, so not in the right position for the birth to happen naturally, and we will have to schedule a c-section. The thing is... I can't wrap my mind around the thought of CHOOSING A DATE!!!
So far, almost everyone is voting for the 21st March, because of the beggining of Spring, but in case you didn't know in some years spring begins on the 20th, so there goes our reason... Suggestions are more than welcome at this point. Out of question is 19th, 20th and 23rd and it has to be between 14th and 24th.

In the crafts front, no sewing obviously, because I don't handsew anything if I can avoid it hehehe Only Knitting. I've yet to take pictures of the dress and matching jacket and of the top I've knitted, as well as several (many many many) wool baby boots. And today I'll begin a new project (yeiiii) which will be an overall but for the mid-season weather, so it's not in wool it's in ... (I don't know the name in english, sorry).

Wish me luck!!!

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  1. Well, my birthday is on the 28th so I can guarantee she'll have an amazing personality ;)I'd say, if the limit is 24th, go for it, get her as far away from beeing a pisces as you can :P Aries is the way to gooooo :)
    I'm sooo happy for you :)

  2. Happy to hear all is going well with you and the baby. I can't believe you're looking at a March birth date already! Seems like it hasn't been long enough yet, but how exciting to get to meet your baby girl so soon! I love the idea of the first day of March, or close to it. Be well!

  3. Glad to hear everything is on track. Can't really be much help with the date but having a C-section is not too much to worry about. I had to have one with my eldest.

  4. Happy to hear everything is OK with you and your baby. I nominated you for a little award. Check my blog.
    Um abraço


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