9 de mai de 2011

The lessons of motherhood

Almost two months in, i've figured out some truths:
- That time DOES fly and babies DO grow up really fast
- That you never ever get tired of just staring at this beautiful baby of yours
- That everyday is filled with new findings, new achievements, new precious moments and you want to take it all in and remember forever
- That even if you are sleepy or hungry or in pain, it all just comes back to you AFTER you've taken care of the baby (and then it hits you really hard)
- That to the visitors you are pretty much invisible, up to the moment they turn to ask if you are breastfeeding (which everyone does sooner or later)
- Yeah, that's another thing: your body now belongs to the world because everyone wants to discuss your private parts and then they aren't so private anymore, right? I've had to talk over and over again about my boobs, my c-section scar and even the muscles of my va-jay-jay with my MIL's neighbour, which gave a new definition to the word "weird" (which part of c-section didn't she get???)
- Another subject of conversation is poop. Everyone is really interested in Helena's poop, lack of poop, consistency and texture and colour of poop. And also the little farts and the little burps... (Not so little by the way.) Why is my daughter's digestive system of such importance to them beats me.
- Speaking of poop, now let's talk pee. How thankful am I right now for having had a baby girl instead of a boy? A lot. Helena must think it's fun to pee during the diaper change or after the bath, which has taught me that it's useful to have extra absorvent paper and an extra bath towel always at hand.

And the last lesson: her smile when I pick her from the crib makes my day, the look she has like I'm the most special person to her makes my day, her warmth and smell when I'm holding her in my arms makes my day. I'm pretty much in love with her...

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  1. Yes you are so right in everything you've said. I hadn't really thought about being invisible to visitors but yes I guess so because they've really come to see the baby and not you. So nice to hear that you're enjoying those first months:)


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