28 de jul de 2011

Check out my birthday presents!

So, every year I buy myself a present for my birthday. This year it was this custom made wallet, the perfect wallet I should say! I really needed a new wallet now that I'm not in bed anymore and I'm out there spending money again. I wanted one where I could have money and cards but it couldn't be too big or too small or too something, you know?
This one is perfect and it's handmade and I got to choose all the details. And I'm very happy with it.
The lady who made it for me is very nice and talented. Check out her site here and her facebook page here.

I have known since November that my other present is a ticket to next Sunday's concert. The Bon Jovi concert, that is. OBVIOUSLY. My ticket is special because I will be up front very close to the stage. I'll be going alone, as all my friends bought cheaper tickets and will be far away. I'm not richer than my friends, I'm just a bigger fan. My husband doesn't mind.

As for my parents gift, I'm very delighted to introduce you to "Chiquinho", my new best friend who feeds on dog fur, which is something we have plenty of around here.

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  1. That's a super wallet! Have fun at your concert! Happy Birthday!


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