15 de jul de 2011


So my maternity leave is close to an end and little sewing has been done around here. I've finished the nursery curtains and have a baby quilt missing only the binding, but apart from that... nothing else to show! (and the quilt is not even for Helena, but for my husband's goddaughter)
And why? Because I've spent the last 3 months either translating books (I'm actually in the middle of the third one) or nursing or sleeping.
I don't know when I'll have the time to go back to sewing, to be honest, but I miss it a lot. And I miss blogging about it too.
I'm happy, but a little overwhelmed until I find my bearings. Going back to work, turning 29 and starting feeding her solids all in one week promises to be quite a challenge as far as bearings go, so... I'll try to keep you posted more often.

Until then, an updated photo of my little butterfly!

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  1. Oh so sweet!...don't push yourself too hard...enjoy your time with that sweet babe...


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