31 de jan de 2011

N is for nursery

This weekend, the 4 grandparents and the baby-dad were putting together evertyhing in the nursery (under my supervision OF COURSE) because my babyshower had to be held at our home, so that it's not (too) tiresome for me and my friends wouldn't want to miss the opportunity of taking a peek. It worked out as an excellent excuse to have everything ready, because it was stressing me out knowing that the baby could come at any time and the room wasn't ready to welcome her.
It's still not completely ready: my sister in law has to finish the 4 paintings collection she started and I haven't made the curtains and the bedding like I so very much wanted. But... let it go... breathe in breathe out... I'll get to it when possible. Ok, I'm back.
Despite the bathtub and the chair where she will eat being out of place and ruining the decoration, this is how the nursery looks now.

5 comentários:

  1. How fun to see the baby's room coming together now. I bet it makes things feel even more real. Whether you have a room decorated for her or not, she will be well loved and cared for!

  2. Looks so nice... you seem to have everything already.. all the best.

  3. The nursery looks beautiful already! Loving that mint greed colour which pairs with lots of other colourswell, good choice! You are much more organised than I was.


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